Robin Yeamans serving as a Judge Pro Tempore in the Santa Clara County Superior Court through a volunteer program with the local bar association.

Robin Yeamans is ready to take your case.

Robin Yeamans has been a California lawyer since 1970 and a Family Law Specialist* since 1980. Nobody in California has been a certified family law specialist attorney longer than she has. In that time she has become one of the foremost experts in the field, especially regarding custody psychological evaluations and family law appeals. Since 2004, Robin has been an Appellate Law Specialist,* making her one of only a handful of California attorneys who specialize in both California family law and appellate law. Robin Yeamans can help you in three ways: (1) represent you on appeal within California, that is, challenging a recent court order that is unfavorable to you or which your ex has appealed; (2) through this website provide self-help legal materials on how to present your case convincingly to the court as well as challenging attorneys' bills and dissecting child custody evaluations; (3) analyze your custody psychological evaluation throughout the US and do a deposition of the evaluator. While Robin Yeamans represents litigants at the trial level in custody cases, she does this only in Santa Clara County or in consultation with your attorney in other counties.

*Certified by the California State Bar Association Board of Legal Specialization.

Attorney Robin Yeamans graduated from Stanford Law School in 1969. Admitted to practice in the State of California in 1970, Ms. Yeamans' successful career is remarkable for her dedication to those who cannot afford legal representation through her California law self help guides. She began writing family law self help legal books and is now excited to introduce her latest publication, "Trial in a Box" in DVD format.

Trial in a Box is based on Robin's success in practice in California family court. It shows you how to organize your case and present it at trial or hearing so that you can confidently present the facts and win your case! This tool is useful not only in family court but also for people with civil or criminal cases. Read more


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